North American Tour Of The Universe dates + extra date in France

The band announced today, via the official website, the dates and cities for their upcoming North American leg of “Tour Of The Universe”. No specific venues yet, but they should be announced shortly. Anyway… cities and dates for the group’s 2009 North American concert tour are:

Friday, July 24th (Toronto)
Saturday, July 25th (Montreal)
Tuesday, July 28th (Washington, DC)
Friday, July 31st (Boston)
Saturday, August 1st (Atlantic City)
Monday, August 3rd (New York)
Monday, August 10th (Seattle)
Wednesday, August 12th (San Francisco)
Friday, August 14th (San Diego)
Sunday, August 16th (Los Angeles)
Monday, August 17th (Los Angeles)
Thursday, August 20th (Santa Barbara)
Saturday, August 22nd (Las Vegas)
Sunday, August 23rd (Phoenix)
Tuesday, August 25th (Salt Lake City)
Thursday, August 27th (Denver)
Saturday, August 29th (Dallas)
Sunday, August 30th (Houston)
Tuesday, Sept 1st (Atlanta)
Friday, Sept 4th (Tampa)
Saturday, Sept 5th (Ft. Lauderdale)

Also added to the European leg of the tour:

July 5 – Carcassonne, France.


  • Laura Smith


    And the Midwest sobs deeply and takes out a second mortgage for travel expenses.

  • Manish Shah


    Wow... not even Chicago... that's a little disappointing given the large number of fans there.

  • drowningman


    woah for real?? no chicago? but their shows here ALWAYS sell out! and even after they cancelled a show here during the PTA tour...aren't they gonna make it up to us?!?!?!

  • DarthDigweed


    This can't be complete? They have to still be working things out right. I mean no midwest dates! the press release said they were hitting most major markets...I think not When did salt lake city become a major market? I been there the place is dead!

  • Jennifer


    Wow. No Chicago. That's a huge slap in the face. I kinda don't blame them, though. I've never been able to find true DM fans in Chicago, just people who "kinda like them."

  • Wes


    I'm believe there is a gap in the dates for a reason b/w the 3rd and the 10th. Chicago hosts Lollapalooza b/w the 7th-10th of August. Remember this fact. I'm starting to REALLY think they will be at the festival headling one of the night's bills.

  • 36loverman


    I expect more dates. If there isn't any midwest, that's fine I've seen them before anyway.

  • Ariana


    I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure they'll come back for a second North American leg. They did during the PTA tour, anyway. But OMFG. August 23rd. CANNOT WAIT!!!

  • patrick101


    I don't know why everytime European or American tour dates are announced,people always whine about missing cities,thinking it will be the only ones for these tour legs whereas the know very well DM will add other shows!One more time,calm down people! There's no show to date for Chicago cause it's just sort of a first impression of the american leg.But as usually,stay tuned,there will be more dates to come! (personal)Jesus!

  • Jim


    While I hope that there is a Chicago show, I'll probably head up to the Toronto show since it's the closest to where I live, Columbus, OH.

  • sheimwolf


    pssst...Lollapalooza is in the beginning of August and is in Chicago. :) Just my guess

  • Miles


    No Detroit? c'mon fellas.

  • Jeff


    Yes......Dallas is there! .............. Sell-out crowds here in Dallas of all places which is hard to believe. But it keeps 'em coming back.

  • Jay


    They have to come to Chicago, they have an pretty large fan base here that I don't think they would want to disappoint.

  • me!!!!!


    yes dont they sellout Chicago all the time?

  • Zachery Allan Starkey


    I live in Columbus, Ohio as well, so I had been planning on seeing them in Chicago. I am sad that they can't come to Cleveland though. Cleveland and Columbus are both larger cities than Salt Lake City, thats for sure. I suppose I will have to see them in DC. Even if they do Lollopalooza....I would rather see them do one of thier own shows than play a shorter set at a festival.

  • drowningman


    the only media markets in the US larger than Chicago are New York and Los Angeles. i don't understand why they'd leave it out. especially if they aren't doing ANY shows in the midwest, it makes more sense to do at least 2 in the greater Chicagoland area. it isn't unreasonable to think people will make the drive from places like Detroit, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, etc etc.

  • Dave


    WTF!!!! No Chicago dates, I been to all their concerts since the VIOLATOR. They say they are hitting all the major markets, Chicago should be on the list instead of Salt Lake City, or Atlanta. And Jennifer who said there are no DM fans in Chicago.. you don't know shit!! Every concert they ever had here has been a sell out.!! Douche!!

  • kylie h.


    Come on, can't they sneak Milwaukee in =D I guess I shall find myself in Phoenix in August.. hopefully they will add Chicago!!

  • kylie h.


    Actually I reeeeaaalllly hope they add chicago to the list !

  • happiest girl


    Vancouver isn't on there either....HUGE let down for all of us in Western Canada. That means we either go to Seattle or Salt Lake City. So it looks like its SLC for me.

  • baggiobabe


    Sorry non-californians. We all know that LA is the US Capital for DM baby!! I will see them twice here in laland. Thanks DM!!!!!!!! love you. BTW, I just heard "wrong: on the world famous kroq in LA. Sounded really good!!

  • modefan


    Ummmm . . . . okay. . .. . just waiting to add the Chicago date. Hmmm . . .been to every sold out concert in chicago since The World Amphitheater during Violator. I'll just presume this is incomplete and the gap between August 3rd east coast and August 10th west coast is there for a reason. . .FUCK

  • Anton


    \I don’t know why everytime European or American tour dates are announced,people always whine about missing cities\ Im from Argentina i saw the band in `94 for the only and last time, so dont be impacient, you have airplanes and more posibilities to see DM in other cities.

  • Lorrae


    Stop whinging that they aren't coming to your city, I would travel to any city in Australia if they came here. Be thankful they have graced your country with their tour/presence and surely there is a city nearby not too far to travel where they are playing!

  • Jennifer


    Douche? Thanks for the ModeLove, Dave. Figures you are a Chicago Mode fan...that's exactly what I'm talking about. Bands can sell out a show to casual fans. You don't need true devotees to do that. No doubt I'm exaggerating about the lack of true DM fans in Chicago, but I'm only speaking from experience. People try to start DM meetups here and they attract maybe five people and then fizzle out. I'm looking forward to Thursday night at Neo...DM vs. New Order...let's see how many people show up. I'm doing a whirlwind U.S. tour to see them anyway, but I'm hoping the Lolla rumors are correct nevertheless. I mean, it's Chicago...Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters...all the musicians Dave loves (not that this matters; it's all markets and money), but my point is that Chicago is synonymous with music. They'll be here. It's too egregious an omission.

  • Fany Popp


    Unbelievable!! CARCASSONNE, south of France, thank you!!

  • Dj Bob


    WOW....WTF!!! How about the Mid-West? You guy's used to play Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, Memphis, Indianapolis and more. I have seen every tour to the States except last year and now I guess this year too. I wish I could afford to book you myself to have a Mid-West show for everybody. Good luck on the Coast lines!!!

  • Kevin


    Chicago? Chicago?

  • Jeff


    What about Vancouver???? Come on! Vancouver!!

  • Kwyjibo


    Quit your bitching about Chicago! All you numb nut ragging on SLC obviously don't have a clue about the huge following DM has here! I have been to every show in SLC since the World Violation Tour and if they weren't sold out, they are very close. I'm glad to see SLC on the list and I really don't give a shit about the rest of you all!