Hole To Feed video *updated* vimeo version


  • memoryboy


    Brilliant! I love it!

  • Mona


    crappy video and a crappy song! Is this the next single??

  • B


    Brilliant my ass! This video sucks

  • Macromode


    You're the first person that I know that loves the video. I can say that for the first time in my life I hate something from Depeche Mode.

  • Jeff


    WTF? If I ever see this video again it will be too soon!

  • 36Loverman


    I LOVE THIS VIDEO. Yes, I am serious. Its so different from anything else out there. I am surprised that this is an official video though - it just kind of seems like something a fan would make.



    this new album keeps getting worse for me. whats there to love of this video? fans that say that, just dont want to say they hate something of DM. HORRIBLE

  • Ronald McDouchebag



  • Jason


    Anyone who likes this video is on crack or wants to be different. Bad video!!!! I'm officially embarrassed for having a DEpeche Mode tattoo. Must hide it until I forget about this video and song

  • Sibeling


    Utter garbage. This is embarrassing. Up to this point, DM have managed to avoid American hipster ironic humor, but this completely destroys any attempt to take this single seriously.

  • lee m gore



  • Br1


    Oh no, please DM never let me down with your bandmember-less videos...

  • Br1


    I prefer the Corrupt-Blood video, it was great

  • lee m gore


    wrong/peace & corrupt-blood ideos are quite good,this is just a joke! time to employ anton again

  • Michel J


    Oh man. Just when I was making my peace with the album (which is actualy really good once you've gotten used to the "speak and spell goes to the S&M shop" feel). This is insultingly bad. I agree with another fan on hte page - first time I genuinely hate something with the DM brand on it. The worst part of it is how this was so obviously done by someone who just doesn't understand the first thing about this band, and just bolted their own sickeningly flashy, oh-so-fashion, gratuitously offensive "aesthetics" on them. "Oh yeah, sex and electronics, let's see some tongues and a Linndrum". Who in fuck's name let that happen ? Kessler ? EMI ? Utter cock.

  • ostrikov


    This video is FUN & FRESH! Nice work! Not so boring as Peace was...

  • Snegovik Morozovich


    Absolutely shit...

  • Techin


    Absolutely ridiculous video. Wrong was shocking but great, and it felt like DM. This is something that's not DM, this has nothing to do with what they stand for. Which idiot came up with this horrible idea of a video?!? It has nothing to do with the song... Please bring back Anton Corbijn! Hole to Feed has hit potential, but that chance is gone with this video. Lets hope this is some kind of stunt, and NOT the official video!!!

  • Ivan B


    Disgusting! Ugh

  • daniel66


    This video is total crap! Lazy bastards escaped from making video again. Anton, where are you????!!!!!! Come back please!!! :)

  • Kazys


    I'll never watch this video again. It's making me sick. I can't realize - it's DM work. If someone likes this video because "Its so different from anything else out there", I think to film someone shiting on the street could be so different form enything too.

  • fernando


    his video is just a shame!

  • Francis Cave


    Awful, truly awful. In 20 years of being a fan I have never seen such a piece of rubbish associated with DM. What a way to kill a good song off stone dead.. What on earth was anyone thinking??

  • Jeff G.


    Appalling, simply appalling. Utter trash.

  • memoryboy


    Oh god, everybody thinks they know exactly what a Depeche Mode video should look like. Well I really like this video, sleek, modern, different, I like that is all neon and retro in it's style. What's funny, is that all the people screaming "it's the end of the world" over this video can't actually do anything about it. It's official. And permanent. Thank god I love it. Sucks to be you. LOL



    Oh God, memoryboy thinks his opinion of the Depeche Mode video is so much smarter than anyone else's! He really loves his own opinion. Dismissive, undiscriminating he loves all that is Depeche mode whatever it may be. What's funny, is that though memory boy says the video is brilliant and he loves it, in fact he's no closer to the band by kissing their ass so much, because frankly i bet, despite the fact its an official video, it 's probably caused a lot of tension within the band. (think about it, why has there been such a delay with this release not to mention the sudden news of other singles 'replacing' this one) So good for you loving it! i'd say it sucks to be someone unable to step back and see objectively when something is bad both as an idea and in its technical execution.

  • Ivan B


    What a freak show!... Oh come on! The obvious choice: four guys dressed up like cowboys on a mission to feed some holes... With special effects... 21st century Personal Jesus, right? But noOOooo! We have to go all the way and completely batter our visual output, do we? Oh dear Angel, HELP US!!!



    I fail to see why the moderator has removed my comment which contrary to many comments on here had no swearing in it . It was mildly critical of other things said on here and of the band's recent video but no more so, in fact much less so, than any of the comments posted above. Any particular reason I was censored?



    ok. it s back now. something weird is happening on here. the comment was missing - i swear - when i looked at several times day earlier today and all of a sudden its back. sorry for the false alarm. thanks

  • fsteff


    Well, well, well - a lots of tongues here ! A little bit special.

  • Michel J


    Memoryboy, Sure. There's nothing any of us can do about "What's your name ?" or "The meaning of love" either, is it. Doesn't make them great songs all the same. This flashy, tacky, tongues-out piece of eye-sore trying to pass for a video is just a complete misfire from start to end, and sticks out from their visual body of work like a badly sore tongue. It would take a serious brain trauma, or a membership card in the "Batman & Robin" fan club (as in Joel Schumacher's masterpiece in sheer bad taste), to love it just because it's "different from what FANS (God, we hate the fans, don't we ?) think a DM video should look like", or because it confounds expectations. DM's best videos in the past have often had that "WTF ?" factor - think of Enjoy the silence at the time it came out. But at least the aesthetics and spirit of them was true to the ambiguity and light-in-darkness nature of their songwriting and sound. This hysterically self-conscious "look Mum, I'm putting bitches'n'tongues in my clip", 2-bit slice of Sean-Paul-styled disaster is not "confounding expectations"; unless your expectations have the words "beautiful", "subtle" or "intelligent" in them. It's beneath this band, and can only be the product of some twisted little EMI fuck's corporate brain, to the tune of "oh, album sales aren't doing as well as we'd like these days, let's put something that gets the boys some airplay between Lady Gaga and fucking Mika". I hope they wake up soon and send this one to oblivion, where it will rest in peace next to the Julien Temple vids ("See you", anyone ?). If you're going to dicth Anton, at least don't go for a colorblind hack whose sole interest in shooting this crap is to beat the record of the longuest tongue ever on screen. The fucker should go make documentaries about chameleons. He'd be a lot happier. And so would we.

  • Michel J


    Unless... It's a joke ! please make it a joke and show the real video sometime soon. All will be forgiven. No ? Shit.

  • memoryboy


    Yes I love the video. Get over it. It's my opinion. Sorry if that bugs any of you. I hope it keeps you up at night.

  • memoryboy


    Here is one of my favorite reviews on the video for 'Hole To Feed': "This is the new Depeche Mode video directed by Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Good Job!, and it's unlike any other DM video ever seen. Obviously this one going to be blasphemous to the longtime fans, but honestly, I always thought Anton Corbijn was a self-serious tool—I loved Depeche Mode so much more before they got involved with him. The stand-ins for Depeche Mode are made up in a way that is reminiscent of DM's classic 1984 Top of the Pops TV appearance—a nice touch. All the tongue-ing and face licking is more pornographic than...most pornography! But what seals the deal is the great tune. "Hole to Feed" is right on par with cutting-edge music from bands like Health, and so is the video. Kudos to all involved."

  • memoryboy


    I went on to MySpace and saw the video again. I love it! Some guy wrote a comment on the video along with many others, and he wrote this: "I was the feature actor. The video is a social commentary about how the media and contemporary pop culture glorifies casual sex and is oversexed. TV makes sinful lust attractive, when in actuality it's disgusting. 1 hot celeb is lustful and it spreads to real people the truth is shown, lust=gross note: he was the muscled tattoo guy with his shirt off.

  • Greig T


    I see my comments were removed........ Too negative? Too near to the truth? The DM downward spiral continues............

  • Anton


    Sinful lust? Gosh… So, besides awful it is awfully reactionary. Cool.



    Memoryboy, you seem to be the one who has the problem with people not liking the video, not the other way around! Great... you like it! It won't keep me up all night, I'll probably be busy doing other things with my life. I'm sorry if thats maybe disappointing. I would have loved to be up all night worrying about how much memory boy likes this video, writing a letter to the band saying how it just isn't fair that someone could enjoy something so much while I only feel emptyness and disillusionment ... and then bringing the matter to the UN council to see if there's a way to get compensation for my grief and finally maybe a written apology from world leaders for this terrible diplomatic incident. That actually might make a good follow up video !

  • Greig T


    Lovecraft is right. Maybe we're all taking this a little too seriously, whether we think it's the worst thing they've done or not. As I said last night on my comment which was pulled (so I won't swear on this one) I think they're going to split after this tour. What other reason is there for the videos & remixes getting worse and worse? I think they're just concentrating on getting to the finish line. To be honest I'm not that bothered any more. I never thought I'd say that, but there you go.

  • Michel J


    Memoryboy - I thought this was a discussion about the video. I missed the point where it became a discussion about your (or anyone else's) opinion of it.

  • memoryboy


    Wrong again!

  • devotee


    Bad song,awful video. But i think that they don't really care anymore...

  • DMNumberOneFan


    I really like this video.

  • PeaceWillcome


    I think this video represents depeche Mode on many levels. Not sure why there is so much hate. It's a good video, interesting. But it won't be on MTV if thats what fans are worried about. Videos are out of style these days.

  • misha neri


    Hmmm... But it's still depeche... There's no doubt.

  • Ciel_Rouge


    If the director wanted to make some sort of social commentary he should have done it in a better way. It's just awful and the director is obviously trying way too hard and it just doesn't work for soo many reasons. It seems like one of those short clips upcoming filmmakers make to get themselves noticed.....and DM just seem to be the theme music that went along with it.



    i would still like to know if this is actually a single release, since refer to it as a third 'video' and not 'single'. We've been told that the States was to release Perfect.. no idea what happened to that. Then Hole to Feed ws scheduled for the UK... this was followed by a correction, with the news that Fragile Tension was in fact going to be the new single. Then the prospect of Corrupt being a potential single was floated since True Blood used it on their 'trailer'. (Though that was never really mooted a s a proper single.) Now the whole Fragile Tension 3rd single proposition has vanished, and we get Hole to Feed, but with no real idea of whether its just a video or if its an official single. Can anyone clarify the situation?

  • Stu


    LOL, I love when someone hates the video, it's okay, it's there opinion, but when someone loves it all of a sudden it's ''hey, we are entitled to hate it!''. I am also entitled to say, by the way, that quiet a lot of long time Depeche fans can be self-serious tools themselves. Lighten up. It's just a video.



    and by the looks of it, so can a few less long time fans. ha ha

  • Mark Chancellor


    Just saw Hole to Feed Video and im am so disappointed at how crap this video is i used to sit down and play Depeche Mode Videos all the time and love the way Anton corbijn put them together the Videos back then matched the Song Layout I have been to many concerts. Since then the Quality has really been lost and this just makes me more embarrased to watch. Totally shocked at the Tongue lickin especially seeing old people doing it felt like iwas going to chuck it does kill the song and too be honest i would have chose Perfect or even fragile tension as the next single. DM better start improving the Quality of there videos or they will drive fans away. Video for Hole to feed Pur Shite .