Mute News: Yann Tiersen “Dust Lane” OUT NOW; European Tour launching soon *updated*

Yann Tiersen has ventured onto new and exciting paths on his latest album; yet any fan will find his “Dust Lane” instantly familiar. Being able to renew one self, while retaining a sense of same is a rare trait in this, the age of rampant artistic schizophrenia (radical make overs and complete changes in direction with every new record).

“Dust Lane” is perhaps rockier than what I expected from a Yann Tiersen album, but he hasn’t abandoned his familiar haunting atmosphere and trademark sound… he merely builds upon it.

It’s a fantastic record – truly deserving of the Mute label. I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Yann will be touring Europe extensively, with a few dates in the US as well. Check out the tourdates below, and hit the link for more info and a special webcast show, along with other video goodies.


Official site
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany (CD) (LP)


  • Angelinda


    Thanks so much for introducing this artist. I've never heard of him before, but judging by what I've heard so far, this is exactly my type of music. I'll definitely check out his stuff.

  • Mireille


    an amazing album, thanks for this, I heard of yann but wasn't sure from where. LIstened to the album on spotify and bought it also wow!