Check out the VCMG Beatport Banner!

Did you grab the first VCMG ep from Beatport yet? It’s an exclusive release to them for the first few weeks and the “Spock” EP1 was given a fantastic banner on the front page of the site. A banner is common for exclusive releases, but nice to see one there for this release and have the phrase “Depeche Mode Co-Founders” right there on the front of Beatport! The Original Mix is currently #14 on Beatport’s Top 100 Techno chart, let’s get it to #1 Depeche Mode fans! Check it out after the jump!


I’m curious if leaving the “L” out of Mart’s name and Vince Clarke listed as “Vincent” are mistakes? Either way, love the banner!


  • james elliott


    How can listing 'Vince's' name as 'Vincent' be a mistake? That's his name!

  • Glen


    I just don't see his name like that, was curious why it was for this is all. :-)