Updated: Dave Gahan's Soulsavers performance online, DVD will be released

Update: the video is back online, you can now watch it here;


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About two hours ago, uploaded the video footage of Soulsavers performing at Capitol Records last July, but before a fans could watch the video entirely, the article and video were retracted from their site. Rich Machin has just responded to a fan’s tweet by tweeting, “I believe it will stream online at Rolling Stone later this week and available as a ltd ed dvd in Europe early next year.” So now we can expect to have the footage as a hard copy as well!

Dave Gahan told the press back in July that they were hoping to sell it to a television channel, but since the editing took such a long time, they probably went ahead and gave it to The video is a full length recording of the seven-track performance. We will post the link of the video as soon as publishes it again.

Back in September both Rich and Dave indivually also hinted that they are planning a one-off Soulsavers gig early next year in New York to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Soulsavers, with all former and present collaborators, so if that goes to plan then we can expect a even more awesome performance!