101 25th Anniversary

Today is a pretty special day for the band and for all of us fans.. it’s a day we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Concert For The Masses at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. 25 years ago tonight the band took the stage to perform one of their most memorable shows and the fan excitement of the occasion just goes to show how much it means to all of us. In some ways, I guess it’s like the anniversary of Woodstock or some other legendary show. At least, I’d like to think so. I hope you’ll listen to 101 or pop in the DVD today to relive the moment of the night, the first time you saw the VHS, or just to enjoy an amazing era of Depeche. We want to wish the band and their crew (past & present) a very happy anniversary of this special show.

To commemorate the occasion, Daniel over at put together an amazing special for the bands archive that we highly recommend you check out. It was shared yesterday, but I wanted to wait until today to post it here to mark the occasion.

Archives Special – A Concert For The Masses (June 18th, 1988) from Depeche Mode on Vimeo.