Celebrating 25 years of Violator – The upcoming HALO book

Celebrating 25 years of Violator - The upcoming HALO book

Depeche Mode fans will always debate their favourite album, but few will disagree that Violator was a hugely important and pivotal moment in the history of the band.

To mark a quarter of a century since its release, British journalist Kevin May will be publishing HALO in early-2015.

During the Violator period, Fletch later said, the band managed to “hit the highs of sounds and songs”… HALO will find out why.

The book will tell the story of Violator – from its production, the videos and marketing, to the hugely successful tour which followed; asks why it is remembered so fondly by fans and cited so often as a major influence on other artists; and find out how it firmly established Depeche as one of the biggest and most respected musical acts in the world.

As part of the HALO project, Kevin is looking for Depeche followers (some of the most passionate and committed fans in the world!), to get involved – pictures of the band on tour or at signings (your own or those which you own the copyright to), or memories of Violator and its release.

There will be lots more to come in the months ahead of HALO’s release!

You can contact Kevin on email (, follow on Twitter or join the Facebook page.