Soulsavers explain plans for second album with Dave Gahan

In this age of social media, The Soulsavers are exceptionally quiet. Fair play to them, but it may only lead even more to the birth of rumours. And so, when they subtlety suggested on Instagram in January this year that they had started working on another record, Depeche Mode fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that it must be another collaboration with Dave Gahan. This would have seemed a possibility, considering the fact that Dave Gahan revealed a year earlier that some more demos between the pair of them are lying around which might come out one day. However, The Soulsavers also stated to have other plans for records as well, which have nothing to do with Gahan. The Soulsavers warned us in a comment on their Instagram photo a few days later that we were jumping to conclusions, but this did not prevent social media, fansites, and music news sites from spreading the news that another Soulsavers+Gahan collaboration was in the pipeline. This was not helped by the fact that musician Sean Read tweeted a few days later that he had begun recording parts for a Soulsavers+Gahan album.


Last Wednesday, Rich Machin finally spilled the beans in a long interview with 6 Days From Tomorrow, and reveals that the truth lies somewhere in the middle:

“I’ve actually already been doing quite a lot of work with Dave [Gahan] recently on a new project. I don’t think that’s any secret. Sadly we live in an age of social media, where a small rumour causes speculation to explode. But at the moment there’s really nothing to tell still. I’m not sure if we have even decided on what that project is going to be yet. It’s a comfortable progression on from what we did on the Soulsavers record.

Our schedules have definitely synced up better this time around. Last time it clicked creatively between us very, very quickly & naturally. Dave had already got studio time booked in with Depeche Mode and then a long tour lined up after that, but we kinda knew we wanted to pick up working on something when that was done. It was something we talked about and felt had a great vibe that had a future, which is why I’m not really sure what the project is. It felt like we wanted to do something more than Dave be just guest on one of my records. He’s got a really strong idea and opinion on what the whole thing should sound like – so it makes sense to start something as a new project moving forward.

This time around we’ve got more open diaries so we can take our time, get a record out later this year or maybe early next year and then have enough material to get out there and play some shows. Were not in any rush this time, which is nice. But at the moment there’s not much else to tell. It all sounds great, were having a lot of fun and it’ll all come together in its own time.”

I guess we will all just have to be patient and wait and see! Meanwhile, please head over to to read all about Soulsavers’ other upcoming releases and more about their previous collaboration with Dave Gahan.