Dave Gahan to play in Paris in November? [Updated]

French RTL2 radio host Francis Zégut posted a short but interesting question on his blog, which, even if you don’t speak French, you can still understand:

“Dave Gahan en solo, Paris La Cigale en novembre ?”

Normally we don’t pay attention to such rumours, but it just so happens that Zégut also announced the Depeche Mode gigs in Paris in 2009 and 2013 about a month before they were officially announced. RTL2 tweeted the info about an upcoming gig at La Cigale too, but they are stating that it’s Depeche Mode who is going to perform.


Hmm, I doubt that. But if a Soulsavers gig at that venue does turn out be true, then it’s no surprise. Not only have small hints of a new album been emerging for some time now, but they also have been stating since 2012 that they’d love to tour, but they did not have the time. Maybe more dates are to come, who knows?

Update: RTL2 has just tweeted (September 9th) that they got a correction and confirmation from the record label, stating that Soulsavers (plus Dave Gahan) will play at Le Cigale in November.