Enjoy The Silence used in new Volkswagen commercial

After Dave Gahan agreed to star in a Volkswagen commercial in 2012 (wow, has that been three years ago already?) while playing “People Are People”, Volkswagen decided to stay on the Depeche bandwagon a bit more by using another Depeche Mode song for a new commercial, this time being “Enjoy The Silence”. Rather than showing another cameo from another DM bandmember (which is rather unlikely seeing as Martin and Fletch don’t have a driver’s license), the commercial shows a children’s choir singing, or, well, whispering, the track. Thus, highlighting one of the best features of the new car models, which are apparently the VW-Model E-Up 1, E-Golf 2, Golf GTE 3, Passat GTE 4 and XL 15, which happen to be circulating around a roundabout somewhere in Hanover (source).

Anyway, see for yourself!