Martin Gore and Dave Gahan at annual Charity:water ball… in New York!


Twitter user Alessandro Bandini has spotted Martin Gore last night at the 10th annual Charity:water ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and could not help but take a photo. Martin was joined by Peter Gordeno, and according to photographic evidence from the same Twitter user, Dave Gahan and his wife were also there. Martin Gore and his wife were part of the host committee for this ball. As you might remember, Martin joined Charity:water’s cause in 2012, and Depeche Mode supported Charity:water throughout their 2013 Delta Machine tour.

Martin Gore at annual Charitywater ball... in New York








While Martin Gore supporting a charity is great and all, the more egotistical fan will wonder… Does this mean that the first steps towards making a new Depeche Mode album are about to be made? I mean, not only is Martin in NYC, but Peter Gordeno as well, and Dave Gahan stated in October:

“[…] I’m sure by the end of this year we’ll sit down together and talk about making another record. I know [Martin]’s began writing and loosely I’ve begun writing as well with Christian [Eigner] and Peter [Gordeno] from the band, and also Kurt [Uenala]. But that’s a long way off. Later in the year—I don’t know, in December or something—I’ll go out to his place or something and we’ll sit down and talk about it.”


“You know, I think that we still haven’t really explored the idea of bringing our band into the studio, i.e. Christian Eigner, Peter Gordeno. You know, going into the studio with a bunch of songs that we can maybe begin to record together in a different way.”

The evidence is adding up! Now we just have to wait and see…