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Welcome to the Home board.

Feel free to register to have access to our board. But...
Do not include graphics of any kind in your signature. Do not spam the board. Do not advertise on the board.
Accounts with advertising in their profile (including signature) will be deleted.

Please choose an understandable nickname and avoid CAPS LOCK.

We have no choice but to implement measures against spam.
Your registration has to be accepted by an admin. If accepted you'll receive an activation email.
If you don't receive this email, check your spam box.
Without your activation in the next 15 days your registration will be rejected.
If you think that your registration was rejected by mistake,
please contact bongmute at depeche dash mode dot com.
Please note that email addresses can't receive our activation emails.
Therefore you should use another email address.

Thanks for joining.  :)

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